Friday, May 22

Student Led Conference

Today I went to Chloe's school for a student led conference where she got to show me all the things that they did this year. Mrs. Wray, who is an amazing teacher, kept everything they did this year in a big folder. It was so cute to see this little book they put together over the year and all the fun projects that they did. She has had a wonderful year at school. She's gotten all good grades and excels in all her subjects! She's been in PACE math and is reading on a 2nd grade level. (Yeah, I know that is a bit braggy, but aren't we aloud to every once in a while?) I can't believe that this year is just about over and that she will be moving onto 2nd grade! She is growning into such a big girl!

I took pictures of a bunch of the things that she has done.

This is a contract that all the kids wrote at the first of the year. They each signed it too.

She took a picture of them about every month and put it on a coloring sheet. Here are 3 of them from the year. This is Chloe at the beginning of the year. It says she can't wait to learn and she wants to learn how to catch a fish.

This one says she is thankful for her freedom and family.

This was the last one of the year. The only part you can't really read is the last one and it says that her favorite things at school is free choice friday.

I just really liked this little story about Texas. :)

This one was my favorite of the bunch. It has a catapillar and the story about it. Here is the catapillar.

You can click on this picture to read the story better.

A cute cowgirl.

A cute bunny story. (click to read)

A story about Abraham Lincoln. (click to read)

She has had such a fun year at school but she is ready for summer and swimming!

Thursday, May 14

Playgroup at the Splash Park

We had a really fun time yesterday at the splash park for playgroup. Here are a few pictures.

Even though it's kinda hard to see...left to right is Jazzy, Jack, Brooklyn and Janae.

My pretty little Brooklyn.

Brooklyn and Janae getting warm.

Jack needed to get warm too!

Eating some lunch.

Jack's little girlfriend Jazzy :)

My main man Jack. He's trouble.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, May 11


Look at me! I don't blog for a week then I do 2 posts in one day!!

Saturday was such a busy day that Jack just fell alseep in the chair. Only a boy would fall asleep like that. LOL!

Saturday was such a busy day that Jack just fell alseep in the chair. Only a boy would fall asleep like that. LOL!

Chloe's Field Trip

Chloe's class went to the Crowe's Nest Farm for thier field trip. We had a really great time.
Here is Chloe and her friends. They are a cute little group!

Listening to the farmer talk about milking a cow.

SO cute!

Going through the tunnel to the fairy land.

Here is Chloe's class. Ready to get back on the bus.

BFFs. Chloe and Haley.

Wednesday, May 6

A cute picture

I came across this picture today and wasn't sure if I have even posted it or not. If so, well, you get to see it twice!

Monday, May 4


I finally made my blog private. Took long enough eh?

Things have been a bit crazy around here lately. When I was getting this all started, I was getting ready for a big bi-ward event. The Swapaplooza. The next day I spoke in church. Then this past Friday I had my upper wisdom teeth pulled.

Needless to say, I didn't make it here for a while. So, it's finally private. :)

Make sure you start leaving me comments now - ya hear!