Friday, May 30

Chloe's Kindergarten Graduation

It really seems like just the other day that Chloe was heading off to her first day of Kindergarten. Now it's all but over. She had K Graduation yesterday. It was such a sweet thing to watch. She has had such a great year and had some really fun times. Her teacher was about the best teacher anyone could ask for, Chloe adored her. She has a week left of school and she is thrilled to be out and officially be a 1st grader. Here are some pictures of her day. (I also made a post about Brooke, so read that one after!)

Jack and his girlfriend Jazzy before the ceremony.

I can't believe how big he is getting! He's not a baby anymore!

Here she is on the "walk" in.

Getting her diploma!

The whole class

This is what Jack thought of the whole thing. He was SO bored. Typical boy!

Chloe performing some songs. They were SO cute!

Chloe on the walk out

Another cute one

The class afterwards posing for pictures

Chloe and Mrs. Howe

Chloe and Daddy

Chloe and Granny

Brooke's Swim Lessons

Brooke has been taking swimming lessons all this week (and all next week too). So I thought I would share some pictures of her in class. She is already getting SO tan. I threw in a few of Jack too. There are none of Chloe, she's still in school for another week. She starts swim on the 5th, so i'll update with pictures of her then.

Without further ado....

Monday, May 26

Lots of Posts

Hey everyone! We had a great Memorial Day weekend. We got to spend alot of time as a family and it was great! I've updated my blog with 3 different posts and there are ALOT of pictures, but they are all fun so enjoy!!!

Memorial Day at Zilker Park

We decided to go down to Zilker Park for a while. We had SO much fun (Granny and Grampy, you sure did miss out!!) When we got there it wasn't all that busy, but by the time we left, it was PACKED.
Here is our day in pictures.

When we first got there we watched the swimmers in the Zilker pool

This pool is really neat. It is a natural spring and I believe it stays about 70 degrees in the water ALL year long. COLD! It is so beautiful though.

We took a train ride. This is one of my favorite train rides I've been on. It lasts about 25 mintues and it takes you through the park. You get to see the river and watch the people walking.

Jack and Daddy.

I took a picture of me and the girls and Stuart had to throw up the bunny ears....

Lunch time. Notice the cups have no lids or straws. I thought it was going to be a complete disaster. I just saw mess written all over it. Guess who was the only one to spill? Yup. Me. haha!

The kids (especially Jack) had such a fun time chasing all the birds away. There were SO many birds!

Time for playing on the playground! Jack gave the seal a kiss. HAHA!

Making Music

They each had a turn driving the old fire engine.

My little monkeys.

Chloe asked me to take a picture of her going down the slide.

Jack kept walking across this pole. At first he couldn't figure it out, but once he did, he kept on going!

Swinging time!

There was a guy there making balloon animals. He was REALLY good.

Chloe got a flower hat.

Brooke got just a flower to carry.

Jack watching the guy make his balloon.

Jack got a helicopter!! Notice the lady on the right. I'm pretty sure she is wishing she had a son as cute as mine!

Completely worn on. Time to go home...


Playtime with Daddy

One of the kids favorite things to do is get down on the floor and play with daddy. Especially piggy back rides!

As you can see, Jack does not like sharing his ride...

He's still slightly annoyed.

Chloe's pleased though!

Whoops! Brooke fell off!

Daddy is a bit defeated.

Jack just wants a turn!

Another one of Jacks' favorite things. Standing on Daddy's hands.