Monday, September 22


Last week Stuart took the kids out on a bike ride and Brooklyn's bike broke. So this past weekend we decided to get Brooke a new bike and also get Jack a bike. He's been riding a trike and a little plastic Dora bike. After visiting about 6 different Goodwills in the area, we got Brooklyn a bike for $5 and Jack a bike for $2! Super great deals. Stuart had to do some tinkering with them and exchanging parts from Brookes old bike but he got them working. After they were finished we drove them down to the middle school and rode bikes in the empty parking lot. The kids had such a blast! Here are some pictures

Brooklyn riding her "new" princess bike.

And off he goes. I totally love his helmet.

He was a little grumpy because he kept on putting on the brake and couldn't get it to work.

Stuart bought this handle bar to put on the back of Chloe's bike so she can learn to ride without training wheels.

What a dirty little face!

Dirty, but super pretty!

All 3 of them. Don't they look like they were having fun?

Jack on the way home. He wouldn't take off his helmet and wouldn't let go of his bike.

Monday, September 15

Jack's Playgroup

Jack is in a little playgroup this fall. It is for 2 hours once a week. It is perfect. He is really enjoying it. This is a picture from when they were all at my house. I couldn't believe that all 5 of these 2 year olds sat and ate thier ENTIRE lunch for at least 20 minutes. It was a riot!

The Reason Why...

I do not allow my kids to have pretend makeup. There is a good reason for this. It is NOT pretend! It is a mess. A huge mess. We were over at a friends house and her daughter has some. (Thanks Jeni!) We let them play in it for a while. This is what Brooke came out looking like. Pink and purple glitter ALL over her face. Chloe and Janae hooked her up. It was the hugest pain to get it off. She still hade glitter in her eyebrows and eyelashes for days. Never again Jeni, never again. haha!

Thursday, September 4

Brooklyn's first day of preschool

Brooklyn was so excited to have her first day of preschool. She went right in with no problems and had a fantastic day! She really seemed to like her class and her teacher. Let's hope for a wonderful year! Here are some pictures:

Showing off her "first day outfit"

All ready to go!

Brooke and Daddy.

Isn't she such a big girl!??!

Putting her lunch box in her cubby. Her class is the Busy Bees

Brooklyn really did like her teacher despite what you see in this picture. She was just being really shy.

CAT UPDATE! We have named the cat. It is comfirmed that it is a boy. We have named him Chuck Norris.

Tuesday, September 2

Brooklyn goes to dance....and shoes

Brooklyn had dance today. This is her 2nd week in and she LOVES it. She would go every day if she could. This morning first thing, and for the 2 hours until it was time to go - she was asking "is it time to go yet" ever 10-15 minutes. LOL. I am glad that she loves it so much! Miss Lyndsee is her teacher and we are so glad about that! Here are a few pictures.

Ready to dance!

A little shuffle kick action going on here.

Can't you tell she's having so much fun?!?

This past summer while I was out in Utah on vacation, we were at the park one evening for dinner and they were having a fair. In one of the booths they had these shoes that I *LOVED*. Best yet, they were CHEAP to go with it. Unfortunatly, there were none in my size.
My friend Robyn just gave them to me for my birthday!!! Arn't they fabulous! Brooklyn sure adored them and wouldn't take them off for about an hour!

Now I need a chance to wear them!