Saturday, February 13

Chloe turns 8!

Chloe just celebrated her 8th birthday a couple of weeks ago! I can't believe that she is 8 or that I am old enough to have a daughter who is 8 years old! Does that mean I'm old??
I talked her out of having a birthday party. We let her invite one friend and we went bowling, out to Red Robin for some dinner then a sleepover! It was quite an eventful night, but so much fun!!! Here are a ton of pictures:

Isn't she just gorgous?!?!

A bunch of cuties

Chloe trying it out on her own

Jack using the cheater ramp ;-)

Chloe, Leigha and Brooklyn

Statue of Chlo-erty

Sweet Brooklyn

This is Jack's poser look for the camera. We get the same shot all the time.....

See?! He is still quite handsome!

Enjoying the free birthday sundae.

Chloe was SO SO excited to get this. Her very own ipod touch! She has been begging and begging for one. We found a first gen used on craigslist for super cheap and hse loves it!

My little cutie Brooklyn :)

Her very own set of scriptures. She was so happy to get these!

She got a fun new game. It is alot like Blokus if you've ever played that.

Chloe and Leigha. Isn't it cute they had matching jammies???

All in all it was a fun time!

Friday, February 12

Here is what happens......

..........when you accidentally leave your camera in your sons room while he is supposed to be watching a movie for quiet time.....

I totally cracked up when I uploaded my photos from the camera and found these! At least he didn't break it!

**mother's note** Yeah, his room is messy from time to time....but I had been in there taking down the border in his room so we could repaint it and give him a big boy room..... hehe

Tuesday, February 9

Chloe gets baptized!

Okay, so I haven't been blogger.........

Okay, so I haven't even been blogging......

Okay, so I have said before that I was going to start blogging again......

Okay, so I didn't......


Here I am again!

I am going to try and do so much better. I'm feeling the desire to blog again so help me keep going!

As my first post coming back we've got big news! Our oldest child was just recently baptized! I really can't believe I am old enough to have a child who is old enough to be baptized.

I only have one picture to show right now. I will get the others tomorrow to put up but here is a REALLY cute one. (Yes, I am slightly biased, but hey, I'm entitled!)