Thursday, November 29

*Happy Dance*

So, I do a fun school (preschool) with some ladies in my church for our 3 year olds. We do a rotation. There are 4 kids, so every 4th week it is at my house. We bought a curriculum, so we have activites, crafts and learning.

Well, this week was my week. Tuesdays and Thursdays. But guess what?? I'M DONE!! So, I have the next 3 weeks off where I will get to take Brooke to their houses. Then because it's Christmas, I don't have to host until JANUARY!!

*happy dance**happy dance*

Okay, I just saw this funny and I had to share:

Tuesday, November 27

Thanksgiving Vacation

We had a really good time in Kansas over Thanksgiving weekend. The kids got to play alot with thier cousins. It was really hard to leave. The kids love to spend time with them. Chloe especially. The thought she needed to spend every waking moment with them.
Thanksgiving dinner was amazing thanks to my sister-in-law Barbie. She is awesome. Barbie! You Rock! There was some really great food that I loved to eat! Turkey, cheesey potatos, green bean casserol, frog eye salad. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.
The girls made it out to do some after Thanksgiving shopping. There is nothing like going out in 16 degree weather to make it to Walmart by 4:30 AM. HAHA. Sounds crazy, but I wouldn't miss it for the world. I love shopping! That has got to be my favorite day of the year to shop. I got some pretty amazing deals too. That always makes it worth it.
I guess I will share some pictures of the weekend now:

The kids with Grandpa Bontrager.

Brooke and Owen (her cousin) They seriously could be twins they look so much alike!

Carly, Jack and Brooke having a tea party.

Mommy and Brooke ready to go home.

Thanksgivng dinner. Stuart, his dad and his brothers

Thanksgiving dinner, the kids.

Sunday, November 18


Yesterday we went to a wedding at the Temple. It was really nice. We were friends of the groom. His name is Tim. He is Stuart's younger brothers best friend, but basically just like a brother. They all grew up together and knew each other since they were about 3, so he is more of a brother then a friend.

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful. Makes you think back to your own covenants and vows. It was very peaceful and just felt good to be there and witness it. It was rainy that day, but still very beautiful.

Then in the evening we went to their reception at the Oasis (no kids! woohoo!) It was awesome. They had an open bar, so I got all the free virgin pina coladas I could handle! The food was amazing. It was just a great reception.

I have pictures of the bride and groom, but I'm not going to post any without thier permission. It was really really hard for me not to go into "photographer" mode. They had a "professional" there, so I didn't want to just jump in and take the shots I wanted. That was HARD! But they were beautiful and I still got some fun shots.

Here are some pictures of us at the temple and one shot at Lake Travis from the Oasis.

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Thursday, November 15

Okay, I'm ready

For this whole week to be done. I am ready for vacation. We're heading up to Kansas to spend some time with the family and eat my sister in laws YUMMY food. But she thinks my husband is going to smoke the turkey? HA! We come for relaxing, not for working!!! (only kidding, you know how much he likes to smoke. well, maybe not smoke, like cigarettes, but food. Briskett, Ribs, Chicken Turkey. You get my drift) But it is going to be nice to get away for a few days and start getting in the holiday mood! And a little day after Thanksgiving shopping!

Tomorrow we get to go to Chloe's school and have a Thanksgiving Dinner with her, so that will be really fun. I enjoy getting to watch her in her school setting. Makes my heart warm :)

I'm just a little tired. I went out shopping for about 5 hours today with my mother in law. We were shopping for all her little grandkids in Kansas (and we bought a few things for ourselves. hehe) It was ALOT of fun. But boy am I tired.

I guess that is it. Maybe I will just share a picture for the fun of it:
My cute little Jack (and he got a haircut!)
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Tuesday, November 13

Calling out all your lurkers

Okay, my page is getting more hits a day then I am getting commenters. What is up with that? HUH? I'm getting about 20 hits a day (yeah, I am SOOOO popular huh?) But I'm only getting 3 comments at most.
*stomp stomp* (that is my best 3 year old tantrum) Just tell me what DaH'Ling children I have and what a wonderful mom/person I am and it will make it all better.


Saturday, November 10

Sometimes...they are really sweet.

Thursday, November 8

If your easily offended....don't watch

Wednesday, November 7

Poor little Jack

He is getting in 3 teeth. The bottom ones. 2 on each side. He's had his front 2 in forever, then he got molars, but the 2 in between just would never come. Until now. He is SO miserable with them. After his nap today he just whined and cried and whined and cried. Wanted me to just hold him. :(
He doesn't want to eat anything. Just drink, and it can't be in a sippy cup, for some reason that hurts, he wants a straw cup.
I just feel so bad for him because that pain has got to be tough. I gave him some oragel and tylenol before bed, so let's just hope that he sleeps good tonight.

Saturday, November 3


I am beat. Sincerely 100% beat. If this last week wasn't enough to keep me busy. With Fun School's field trip, Halloween, recovering from Halloween (come on, you all know you had to!) then today we had our wards (church) Super Saturday. Somehow I volunteered myself to be over it, arrange it, figure out crafts, get people to do them, food, set up, run it, clean up. You would think that I was CRAZY! If I didn't love to do it, I probably would be. It was a blast though. We had an okay turnout and we made some really cute crafts, had a fantastic lunch and just had a bunch of adult talk. I'm going to give a special "shout out" to Jeni and Lanae for staying afterwards and helping me get everything put back in place. I couldn't have done it without you. Actually, I probably could have, but I'm glad I didn't have to. You guys ROCK!
Then we went to Jeni's house for dinner and let the kids play. It was fun. Jeni and I sat and looked at about a dozen catalogs while the guys watched football and talked about cars. What more could you want?
But, now I am tired. Bone tired. Muscle tired. Obviously rambling tired too. I am SOO glad tonight is daylight savings. Let's just hope the kids sleep in! (hahahahahahahahahahahaha)