Tuesday, June 2

Swim Time!

I love that now it's summertime we can spend our days at the pool! Today we went with my friend Jeni and we had a BLAST! Here are some pictures. Be warned that the first one of Jack is HILARIOUS! (After you are done reading this post....check out the others I posted today. There are about 5 of them!)

Last Day of Dance

Brooklyn's last day of dance for the year. SAD!

Girls Pool Party!

While all the boys went out on a Fathers and Sons campout our dear frield Louisa invited all the moms and girls over for a pool party. We ordered Pizza, brought a bunch of sides and just had a really fun time together.

Playgroup at Zilker Park

Last week for playgroup we headed out to Zilker Park to play at the playground and ride the train. We had a lot of fun! Here are some fun pictures of our day

Jack, Jazzy and Cole

There was a turtle on the playground that found its way up from the lake. I sure hope that it made it's way back.

Jack and Cole swinging.

Having some lunch and stopping for a photo op. Brooklyn, Jack and Janae.

Cole had to be a part of the group.

Jack and Cole getting ready to ride the train.

Brooklyn and Janae. BFFs.

All aboard!!!

All tuckered out on the drive home :) Isn't he sweet??

All in all, a great fun playgroup!

Happy Memorial Day!

We had a fun Memorial Day. We met up with a bunch of friends at a park for a pot luck dinner. You would have thought it was a perfect photo opt...which it was. Do you think I used my camera much? Nope!

I did get 2 really cute shots of the kids on a tires swings though.