Monday, October 27

Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend we attempted to go to the pumpkin patch. I woke up not feeling well Saturday but we went anyways. It takes about 45 minutes from here and the roads are very curvy and hilly. We got out there and I couldn't even walk I felt so sick. Also, we couldn't even find a place to park it was SO busy. We left even though the kids had a fit. I couldn't manage and it would have been too crowded and we would have had a wait along time to do anything. I decided that we would wait until the following Saturday and be out there when it opened. GOOD CHOICE! We got to do everything we wanted to do, there were no lines and by the time we finished the crowds were pouring in. We had SO SO much fun. Here are a TON of pictures.
Chloe and Brooklyn all set to go!

We went into the kids maze and had a blast! There was no one in there so we ran a muck for quite a while! We managed to find our way out but turned around and done it again!. Here the kids are ready to go!

Jack kept getting left in the dust!

Where are they going?

Oh! There they are!

Daddy and the kids on the first part of the hay ride.

Brooke and Mommy.

They had these huge fields of flowers and for $1 you could fill up a cup with as many flowers as you wanted! The girls had SO much fun picking the ones they wanted to put in their cups.

While the girls and I picked flowers. Jack and Daddy got to go play on a tractor!

The girls and I on the hay ride back with the flowers they picked. Arn't they pretty?!

Feeding the goats.

More feeding of the goats.

Brooke and her flowers.

Chloe and her flowers. I'm really not sure what is up with her pose...

The girls wanted me to take a picture of the flowers when we were in the car.

All in all it was a GREAT trip out there. We've gone out there the past 4 years and have loved it every time! It's a great tradition.

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Trunk or Treating

Every year our ward does a trunk or treat. We had ours this past Friday and the kids had a GREAT time. They had a cake walk, a costume parade and then on the the trunk or treating.

Here are the kids all ready to go.

Brooklyn got her treat from the cake walk.

As did Chloe

Chloe before she won...

What a cute little witch.

Waiting for the costume parade to start. Don't they look like they are enjoying themselves??

Daddy helping Jack do the costume parade.

My little batman.

Now...I just have to limit their candy intake! And we haven't even had Halloween yet!

Jack's Field trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Jack's little playgroup had a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch in Marble Falls this past friday. We were missing Ellery and half the time we were there Zach was asleep in the car. We still had a load of fun. Here are some pictures:

Jack's arms after paintign pumpkins. Nice.

Jack, Averee and Austin

Don't they look so happy to be there?

Jack riding the tractor. What you don't get to see is right after I took this picture he pulled the steering wheel off and flipped over backwards. I really wish I would have gotten that on video!

Where's Jack?

Jack feeding the goats.

Oh the hay ride, there was a foot sticking out from under the hay and Jack got a huge kick out of it.

Jack and mommy on the hay ride.

Jack and Austin watching the pumpkins go down the water..

There was a truck out there full of pumpkins that Jack kept calling Mater. It was cute.

All in all it was a fun day!

Wednesday, October 22

What am I going to do with this kid??

I can't keep up with this kid! I am not liking this boy 2 year old stuff. I can not keep my eyes off of him for a second. He's in his room playing with his cars. Great. I leave to go to the bathroom. I'm not even away from him for 2 minutes. I go in his room and the front of his shirt is wet. Here is our conversation:

Me: Jack what is on your shirt?

Jack: Um, water.

Me: How did you get water on your shirt?

Jack: Um, toilet.

Me: were you playing in the toilet?

Jack: Um, no. kitty in the toilet!

Me: Jack! did you put the kitty in the toilet????

Jack: Uh huh!

Sure enough, found the kitty. He's laying on the floor licking hims wet self. Bathroom has water everywhere.
Here are some pictures.

Wednesday, October 15

Movie Night

Friday night has become movie night around our house. The kids love it. This past week was extra special because we got the new movie Sleeping Beauty! The girls thought it was GREAT because we didn't even have to return it! Here are a couple of pictures.

Here they are all set up with their blankets, chocolate milk and popcorn.

When they are quiet like this.....I remember why I love them! (haha!)

Tuesday, October 14

Trip to Dino Land

They put in a Dino Land at Zilker Park. I thought that it was WAY overpriced, in fact they shouldn't even have charged to even get in. The kids had an OKAY fun time, but Chloe didn't like it at all. Oh well. Here are some pictures of our day.

Getting ready to go in.
Jaydon and Chloe

Brooke and Janae

Jack and Jaz

All through Zilker they have butterflies you can sit in.

The whole crew.

I tried hard to get a good one of all 3 of them. It'll work.

Chloe "posing"

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, October 8

Goodbye Binki

We took away Jack's binki last night. I have been wanting to do it for so long, but just never had the energy to fight it. I finally decided that it was time. He is 2 1/2 soon to be 3. He doesn't need it. For an hour or so before bed last night I talked it up HUGE.
"Jack is a big boy, he doesn't need his binki!!!"
"No more binki for Jackie boy!!"
"We need to throw your binki in the trash!!"
ect, ect, ect.

Well, the first 5 minutes went smoothly. He just talked to himself. It all went down hill from there. He ended up crying for about 40 minutes. Every 5-10 minutes I would go in there, give him a hug (not taking him out of his crib) and covering him back up. He finally went to sleep. Didn't wake up in the middle of the night for it so that helped. Little stinker was up at 6 AM though.

Anyways, here's to hoping that it all goes well and that it only takes a day or two for him to forget about it!

Tuesday, October 7

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to us! Stuart and I just celebrated our anniversary this past weekend with an overnight trip to San Antonio. We ate on the riverwalk and had a great time without our kids! I can't believe that it has been 8 years. Let's just hope the next 8 are just as good.

Wednesday, October 1

Oh the JOYS of parenthood.

Sometimes it just plain sucks. Sucks I tell ya! It is so hard sometimes to be the parent and punish the child. Here's my story.

Tonight we are getting ready for bed and it is time to brush teeth. At school a couple of days ago, Brooklyn got a teethbrushing chart (they are learning about oral care I guess.) Anywho, she got this chart and LOVES to be able to mark down when she has brushed. Whatever works right? Well, Chloe took it upon herself tonight to scribble ALL over it. Making it pretty much useless. I wasn't in there when it happened and Brooklyn was obviously upset.
When I got into the bathroom Brooke told me that Chloe had done it.
I asked her "Chloe, did you do it?"
She looked me dead in the eye and told me that no she had not. *SIGH* I asked her who did it. Without hesitation she told me Jack did it. Okay, let's ask Jack. He almost always fesses up when he's done something.
"Jack, did you do this???"
"No, I didn't do it, Chloe did."
Uh huh.
So I asked her again and she finally said that yes she had. Now this is not the first time she has lied. She has been getting into the whole lying phase lately and she just can't get away with it. She needs to learn her lesson and work through it. So, as it was 20 minutes until bedtime, she got sent to bed. You can imagine how that went. Crying, wailing, gnashing of teeth. You name it. I even got the "I wish daddy was here and not you. I wish I had another mommy, ect ect." ugh! I didn't back down though. She stayed in her room but made about as much noise as you can.
I got the other kids in bed at bedtime then went in to deal with her. Explained to her about lying, ect... for about the 10th time or more. Will it ever sink in?? She said that she wanted me to stay in for a prayer, but she didn't want to say it. I straight up told her that I wasn't the one that needed to ask forgiveness from Heavenly Father, she was. So after going back and forth about it, she finally said it. Let me just tell you it was just about the most heart wrenching prayer I have ever heard. She said the normal things but said "Can you forgive me Heavenly Father?" AHHH! I about started bawling.
Though it was sad, very sad, I think she may have "gotten it" a little bit. She said it is very hard to tell the truth and pray about it, but I know for a fact that she felt better afterwards. She stopped crying and went right to bed.

It is SO SO hard sometimes doing this whole parenting gig. I am always so sure that I am mucking it all up and making a mess out of things. I don't think i'm doing it right most times. It is just hard. Sorry if that got a bit rambly and didn't make sense. I really feel I needed to come back here and add that this whole incident that happened was done with sincerity. It may have come across that I was a bit harsh with her, but I wanted to say that I was firm, but gentle! If you know Chloe, you would know that I have to be firm and gentle with her or else it is DRAMA to the extreme!! Things are good :)