Wednesday, December 31

Christmas Eve

Yeah so I'm a week late with this post, but I'm finally posting some pictures from Christmas Eve. We had some family and friends over. Ate Nachos, played some games and had fun!

Here we are playing Christmas Bingo

Here I am reading our yearly Christmas Story. This year it was The Legend of the Christmas Stocking.

All the kids are ready to open thier gift!

Here are the kids in front of the tree. They all loved their new jammies.

Monday, December 29

Trail of Lights

A couple of days before Christmas we went to downtown Austin and went to the Trail of Lights with the inlaws. Let me just tell you - it was SOOOOOO cold. So cold. We had fun though. By the end the kids were ready to go though. Afterwards we all went to IHOP and were there until 10:30. the kids were beat!!
Here are a few pictures:

Gingerbread House Decorating

Okay, I'm catching up on the events over the last few weeks. We're going to start with gingerbread house decorating. We decorated them with the Davis'

Here are all the kids

The kids putting on the candy.

Think someone was eating it?

Here it is all done!

Arn't they cute??!?!

Sunday, December 28

I'm still here

I just haven't been blogging. I need to upload all my pictures from the past week and then i'll have about 10 posts to make. Until then, I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Monday, December 15

A weekend ago we made our annual trip out to the town of Burnet to see their live Bethlehem. It is truely amazing thing that they do. They have a whole "town" set up the way that Bethlehem probably was back in that time. They have Roman Soldiers, woodshops, bakery and at the end they have a manger scene. It is so fun to go walk through during our Christmas time. Here are some pictures of our trip!

Tuesday, December 9

Christmas Pictures

I took my kids pictures this past weekend for the annual Christmas card. I thought they turend out pretty darned cute but then again I'm biased.
Here they are:

So what do you think? You'll have to wait for one in the mail! If you know I don't have your address, please send it to me!

Saturday, December 6

Decorating the tree

While Robin and I went outlet shopping while she was here, Stuart and the kids decorated the tree while we were gone! He took some pictures of the event and they actually turned out cute! (haha!) Somehow I managed to delete a SUPER cute picture of the kids in front of the tree. I could kick my self sometimes. Anyways, here are the pictures.

Tuesday, December 2

Thanksgiving Vacation Pictures

We went to Kansas over the Thanksgiving holiday. We had a blast. Thought I would share our trip in pictures.

All set in the car! Let's go!

Daddy and Brooklyn hanging out.

Gary (grandpa) and all his kids (except for Erica) They were looking at motorcycle videos.

Jack always wanted to be outside but it was SO cold!

Tyler and Chloe went out and picked up trash that their dog got into.

Carly and Jack making silly faces.

We each made a turkeys with their handprints and said what they are thankful for...



All the crew sitting for our turkey dinner.

Brooklyn eating

Jack eating.

Their cousin Jazzy. Isn't she so pretty!

Grandpa, Chloe and daddy.

Grandpa and Jackman

All in all it was a fun trip. The drive home sucked rocks because everyone was so tired. But we're glad to be home. I am leaving my house right now to go pick up my BFF from the airport. She is here for a few days!!!