Wednesday, April 30

Playgroup at Kiddie Acres

Today for playgroup we all headed to a little place called Kiddie Acres. It is just a very small amusement ride place for kids. My kids both had a blast! I have to warn you, there are ALOT of pictures. Probably 20. Okay, I know it is 20. HA! Enjoy!

First of all, look at my son. Isn't he just about the cutest boy out there. Seriously.

At least Jazzy things so!

I could not keep him off of the fences. He's a monkey!

Jack on the merry go round.

Brooklyn on the merry go round

I had to include this picture of Jazzy. She is SO cute!

Jack and Brooke on the airplane ride! I'm pretty sure it was Jack's favorite ride.

Jack, seriously dude, quit kissing Jazzy! You'd think he'd be more excited to ride the truck!

Awwwww. They look like they are having so much fun!

The boat ride seemed to be a big hit! Jack would not keep his hands out of the water.

Jack and Averee waiting in line. Look how completely sweet Averee is!

Hi Jack!

Merry go Round time!

The kids waiting for pony rides.

Jack riding the pony!

Yeah Jack!

Brooke riding the pony!

She had SO much fun!

Here are most of the kids waiting for the train. It was fun! Even the mommies got to ride!

We had a blast! I hope you enjoyed looking at the picutres too!

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Monday, April 28

An Eyeore Day

I feel completely blah!

My body is feeling extreemly slow today. I know that the last 2 nights I've stayed up way too late and I'm now paying for it.

Also, last week I worked out alot, so that, with little sleep, my body just is saying "I need rest!!!"

So, today, I'm taking it easy. I didn't go to the gym yet. I may go tonight and do pilates, but I'm making no commitments. I seriously just feel the need to take it easy. I've been cleaning here and there and doing some laundry, but it mostly feels good to just chill.

Oh, does anyone know a good local place for waxing? I really need to get my brows done.

Friday, April 25

I'm around

It's been a busy couple of days and I just haven't had time - or really much of anything to post about.

Oh, here something. I don't know why it is so hard for me, but I can never remember to put the lid down on the washer when I'm doing laundry. Why is that? I'll go to change it and it will be completely full of water. DUH! I do it at least once ever time that I'm doing laundry. LAME!

Anywho. I bet that was worth your 2 minutes huh?

Wednesday, April 23

Weight Watchers update and a picture

Check out my weight loss blog for my weekly update.

I saw this picture online and I had to share it. I thought it was downright funny.

Tuesday, April 22

Chloe's School Field Trip

For Chloe's field trip this year we went to the Texas Memorial Museum. Otherwise known as the Texas Natural Science Center. They got to see dinosaur bones, learn about ants and flies along with various other things. Afterwards we went down to the Zilker Park and had a picnic. It was a lot of fun! I just wanted to share a few pictures.

Monday, April 21

Absolutely Hilarious

Please do not watch if you are offended easily. There are a few cuss words. But funny funny stuff.

Help Me Out

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Sunday, April 20

Butterfly Festival

Over this past weekend, my MIL invited the kids and I to go with her to a Butterfly Festival. It is in this little town about an hour and a half away from my house. So, since Stuart works on Saturdays and I didn't have any other plans (well, except for my Pilates class I bailed on) and we went!

Here we are sitting and waiting for the program to begin. They put on little skits and songs by kids in the community. We only stayed for a few and the kids were itching to do something else! It was hot and hey, they are kids, who wants to just sit around!

Here is Chloe

Brooke wasn't being too cooperative because the sun was SO bright.

Still not wanting to participate. See the dirty look?

Didn't get very many of Jack. He couldn't sit still for nuthing!

Chloe and Granny.

The girls sitting with Granny watching a bunch of kids playing the violins.

The girls got their faces painted! We waited in line for about a half hour!!

They had these huge musical instruments that the kids could play. They had a blast!

Every half hour they had a butterfly release. All the kids got to get a butterfly to put on a piece of fruit. They thought it was the coolest thing ever! Chloe and Brook both had theirs stay on until we got to the car!!

All in all we had a pretty good time. I didn't think it was going to be as hot as it was (84 degrees!) so none of us had sunscreen. The kids didn't get effected by it at all, only me. I have a pink nose. HA!

Thursday, April 17

10,000 Visits!!!

Thanks guys! I checked my site meter account today and sometime this morning I hit over 10,000 visits to my blog!! It has only taken me about 2 years to get there! I set up my blog in July of 2006. Although, there was about a 6 month period or so when I wasn't posting at all. I've also got just over 16,000 page views! You guys rock!

Now, it would be fun to know WHO all is reading my blog. If you would be so kind as to leave me a comment today that would be awesome! Even if you don't have an I.D. you can leave an annonymous comment and just tell me who you are in the comment box!!!

Anyways, I hope that at times you are enjoying my blog. It is just to write little goofball posts and share my life in pictures with you.

Here is to another 10,000 visits!!

Tuesday, April 15

Dear Jack

Dear Jack,

I think we need to have a talk. If you could put down your motorcycles for a few minutes and listen, mommy would really appreciate it. First of all, I want you to know how much I love you. You are a bright little boy. That brings me to number two, must you always be so smart. Smart alleck-ie I mean. Your sense of humour is through the roof lately. You never cease to make me laugh. Today was no exception. I put you in for a bath tonight. I realized all the towels were in the dryer and since the water just started, I decided to go ahead and go get one. I made it to the laundry room when I heard you give a blood curdeling scream. My first though was about the show I just watched on the news about babies turning the water on straight hot and getting scalled by the hot water. Freaking out, I ran to the bathroom only to find you scrambling out of the tub with the shower on full blast. Thought you would find out what would happen if you pulled that little lever didn't ya? Didn't like the result did ya? Sorry about that. I am also sorry that I had to force you to stay in the tub against your will to wash you. I did it because you were really stinky buddy. I promise you it was for your own good. Hearing about it for a half an hour later was quite humerous too, "Mommy, it scared you" Meaning "Mommy, it scared me" I shouldn't be laughing about it since you were really terrified, but dude, it was kinda funny.

Also son, I want to talk to you about this "seperation anxiety" thing you've got going on. Don't get me wrong... I love that you love me, that you want to be with me, that you love to cling to me every time I try to leave you somewhere where I am not going to be. Okay, all except for that last part. Hunny, your going to have to figure this out. There is going to come a time when your going to have to let me leave, even for an hour. I will come back I promise!!!

I wanted to thank you today too. Thank you for not getting under the sink or in the cabinets for anything to drink. For a while there I really thought you had a drinking problem. Starting out at 2 is not the best choice. But you've gone a while buddy, you can do it!

I'll end for now. Know that I love you. See that you can maybe work on some of this stuff okay?

Looking for answers,

P.S. I have a weightloss update on my other blog!
My Rants to Skinny Pants

Monday, April 14

Austin Zoo with Granny

This past weekend, the kids got to spend the night at Granny's house! She took them down to the zoo where they had a blast! She just sent me these pictures, so I thought I would share them!

Jack feeding a turtle.

Chloe and Jack went to pet the goat, but I guess Brooke wouldn't go near them!

The kids trying to be like the ducks.

She said Jack kept chasing the peacocks!

Ready for a train ride!

Having a little lunch.

Jack was completely sacked!

Isn't he so cute!?