Saturday, August 30

New addition to our family

Isn't it the cutest?? We don't know yet if it is a boy or a girl. The lady we got it from said it was a boy. My friend Jeni said it was a girl. I think it looks like a boy. We take it to the vet Tuesday so I will find out for sure.

Problem is we have no name. Any suggestions? A girl I was thinking Paisley.
For a boy Stuart was thinking Uncle Rico (If you haven't seen Napolean Dynomite, you wouldn't understand that name)

If you have a suggestion, shoot it my way.

Monday, August 25

Chloe's First Day of First Grade!

Getting her shoes on!

Ready to go!

Walking with Jack.

Chloe and her teacher Mrs. Wray

Sitting at her new desk!

Good luck Chloe! I can't believe she's already in first grade. She was so excited but pretty nervous. She could only eat her yogurt this morning for breakfast. HAHA!

Monday, August 18


I know i've posted a bunch of videos in the last little while, but I promise you that this one is worth the watch!

Last night we were at Stuarts parents house for dinner. We were all sitting in the living room and Jack was the center of attention. He was up table dancing. SO. FUNNY! I got some video of him busting his moves. Make sure you scroll down and shut off my music before you view it.

Tuesday, August 12

I'm an Aunt.....AGAIN!

My brother and his wife Janel just had their second baby today :)
They had a little girl and they named her Xylee.

He sent me a text message with her picture, but for some reason I can't get it to work on here. I will post a picture as soon as I can.

Yeah! I'm so happy for them!

Monday, August 11

I'm a bad blogger

I have been terrible lately. I just haven't had much of anything to blog about. We had Stuarts family reunion this past weekend and I didn't even take a single picture to post.

I am sick of my layout too. For some reason it takes FOREVER to laod. I will change it soon.

Oh yeah. And can school start alread????

Monday, August 4

Oh Jack......

What will we ever do with you??
Thank you for letting your daughter teach my son such wonderful "tricks"