Sunday, November 23

Thanksgiving Lunch

Friday Chloe had a Thanksgiving lunch that we were able to go over to. It was super crazy busy but Chloe was glad we came :)
Here is Chloe and daddy before eating. She closed her eyes right when I took the picture. Oh well. Notice to her right there is a turkey and a pilgrim. Those are hers! TOO CUTE!

Before eating I was able to take her up to the book fair. She wanted this book SO badly. It's called Pink-a-licous. Go figure!

Here are Chloe, Daddy and Brooke eating their lunch.

This is Chloe and one of her best friends at school, Haley.

We had a great time!

Friday, November 21

It's cold outside!!!

Even though it was 39 degrees outside this morning they still had to go outside. How long do you think that lasted? About 5 mintues!

Tuesday, November 18


Last week when I was getting my haircut Brooklyn said she wanted to get hers cut short like Chloes. I didn't want her to then because I like her with long hair. Well, every day since she's been on my case to get her hair cut. Chloe needed one anyways, so off we went today for hair cuts. Brooklyn got her wish and got a cute little bob like Chloe. Here is our adventure.

I had forgotten to take a before for Brooklyn while we were there, but here is one of her from a few days ago.

Here are a few of her getting it cut and afterwards so you can see how cute it turned out.

Here is Chloe's before.

Look at all that hair!!!

Together afterwards.

Jack had to join in the photo shoot.

Monday, November 17

Jack gets a big boy bed!

So Jack is almost 3. Well, 3 in February. It's getting pretty close. Everyone who has found out that Jack is still in his crib looks at me like I have 2 heads. Yeah, so what? I still have Jack in the crib. He hasn't tried to climb out of it. It's worked for us.
For now, I have decided that it is time to put him in a big boy bed. My only other option is to leave him in it until he is 5, but the thought about him screaming at me saying "MOM! I need to get up and go to school now!" well, that just doesn't work now does it? Also, after Christmas I am going to try and potty train him so we will need him out of the crib. One step at a time right?
Here are a few pictures of him with his big boy bed. He thinks that he is SO cool now.

Monday, November 10

Week in review

I haven't got any picture to post or anything very exciting, so I'll just do a week in review type thing.

The last I posted was Tuesday about voting - The only thing I'll say on that is I am just sad things didn't go a little differently.

Wednesday - I really don't remember anything I did that day, so it couldn't have been very important.

Thursday - I went with some friends that night to see the movie Secret Life of Bees. I really enjoyed it. It's not very often that when a book is made into a movie that they sick with the original story line, but they did a really great job with this one. All of the actors in it were perfect. It may have been incredibly sad at times, but it was a very heart warming movie.

Friday - Movie night with the kids. Since Stuart works evenings, Fridays have become a special night for the kids and I. Usually I'll rent a movie and we'll have popcorn and chocolate milk. The kids get to stay up later then normal and we had a great time. We watched Madagascar one this week because....

Saturday - We took the kids to see Madagascar 2! All the kids really enjoyed it! Towards the end, Jack got pretty restless but for the most part he did really good! Stuart and I even enjoyed it. There was just enough adult humor in it. That is a MUST see!

Sunday - Stake Conference this week. It was a big one because we got a new Stake Presidency. Also Elder Packer's son was there speaking, so that was fun too.

Now it is Monday and I'm just taking care of things around the house and need to hit the grocery store sometime.

** One more thing that I haven't even mentioned. A couple weeks back our ward split (which was tough, but it will get better) We are in the new ward, so Stuart and I got new callings. Stuart is the 2nd Counselor in the Elder Quorum and I am the Ward Activities Chair. Which means I have 4 weeks to plan a Christmas Party! HURRAY! Wish us luck!

Tuesday, November 4

WooHoo! I voted!

Did you?!?

Sunday, November 2

Happy Halloween

Halloween was alot of fun over here in the Bontrager house! I'll just share through pictures. A warning though - there are ALOT of them!

Here are the kids after school coloring halloween pictures waiting for daddy to get home to carve pumpkins! Chloe had crazy hair day at school. She wanted to spray it pink, but we could only find white. Oh well.

Carving the pumpkins. The kids don't really like to put their hands in it. They thought it was gross. Chloe did a little bit. Stuart helped Chloe to a smiley face. I was trying to do a spider web with a spider, but it was taking SO long, I never got it finished. Stuart did a Longhorn.

Cleaning it out.

This was Jacks idea of helping for the most part.

Brooke's idea of helping as well.

Look! Chloe's actually got her hand in the pumpkin!

This was as much as Jack helped. He put the spoon in the pumpkin.


Chloe after we re-sprayed her hair. EEK!

We went over to the Davis' for dinner before trick or treating and I made these breadstick broomsticks. SO fun!

Chloe and Jaydon all ready to go!

I actually got one of all of them together! 2 witches and Batman!

I sprayed Stuart's hair blue. He really didn't think that was funny. Then I stuck the girls hats on him. Oh La La!

We hung out in the front of the Davis' before heading out. These are a couple pictures of them playing. Brooklyn on the swing.

Chloe being silly.

Batman to the rescue!

Jaydon giving Jack a poke in the eye.

A cute little witch.

Another cute one of Jaydon and Chloe

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween Everyone!