Tuesday, July 29

A Cute Video

Just one more reason Jack cracks me up.....

Make sure you turn off my music so you can hear it.

Friday, July 25

You gotta watch this

Every once in a while I find a video that I can't not share. This is great. You really don't need the volume, so don't worry about turning off my music.

Happy Birthday Barbie!!!!

Barbie - I know your going to kill me, but I just couldn't resist! For those who don't know Barbie, she is my sister-in-law. Our husbands are brothers. I had to publicly wish you a VERY VERY Happy Birthday. What a better way to do it then post a tribute to you. So, I dug up all the best pictures of you that I could find. I hope you enjoy your wonderful day!

Thursday, July 24

Jack gets a hair cut and.....a shiner

Jack was starting to look like a bush monkey again, so the dude got a hair cut.

Jack also got a shiner. We have Uncle Johnny to thank for that! haha. He "says" Jack tripped over his shoes and fell into the corner of the table on his cheek. But I'm pretty sure Johnny pushed him. Kidding. He really did trip.

Here are 2 pictures to show you what he now looks like.

Monday, July 21

Sea World

What kind of nutty family decides to go to Sea World on a Saturday you ask? Um - that would be us. CRAZY. NUTTY. INSANE. Take your pick. It was super super busy. Stuarts brother (Darren) graduated from the Airforce bootcamp and they had a family day at Sea World so we thought we'd tag along.
The morning actually wasn't too bad. We saw a show, did some rides, had some lunch. After lunch (didnt manage to do that until 2) we decided to head to the waterpark side to cool off. That is when Jack fell asleep, you'll see in the pictures. When we got out of there about 4:30 and got out of the waterpark...the main areas were wall to wall people. It was absolutely rediculous! We quit. Packed it up and headed home. We got season passes, so we don't feel totally gyped. Were going to go again a few times on weekdays when they aren't so busy! It was just nuts. Fun though. We got my mother in law to even ride the big loopy rollercoaster! Anyways, here is some of the day in pictures....

Here are the girls and I getting ready to ride the kiddie rollercoaster. They loved it!

Jack and Daddy watching a show.

Jack - how is that watermelon bud?

Dadddy and Brooke eating.

Here you can see Brooklyn, Chloe, Uncle Adam and Granny (right behind Brooke) Enjoying some lunch :)

Such a silly boy.

Getting REALLY tired and edgy!

Jack finally fell asleep and we just layed by the pool for over an hour. Isn't he sweet?

Thursday, July 17

Adam Returns!

Stuart's brother Adam has been serving in the San Fernado mission for the last 2 years. He got home last night! We all met him at the airport to great him. Here are a few pictures.

Welcome home Adam!

Giving mom a hug!

Glad to be home!

Jack and Daddy. Jack was being a wild man the whole time.

Stuart and Adam

Yeah! We're so glad to have Adam home!

I just have to share a few pictures of Jack even though it doesn't go with what I was talking about before. They are just cute. Jack had to wear these goggles during lunch and he looks hilarious!

Sunday, July 13

Wake Surfing

Here is Jack giving it a try.

Chloe's turn.

Brooklyn decided that it is just not for her! haha. We had a great time at the lake yesterday!

Wednesday, July 9

Chloe's New Haircut

Chloe had to get a new haircut. The whole time we were in Utah she threw fits everytime I had to brush her hair. It was getting to the point of ridiculous. Her hair is super thick and gets tangly really easily. I warned her that if she didn't quit, that when we got home I was going to have it cut. (She had been wanting to grow it out) Well, it just got worse, so yesterday we had it cut. I love love love it though. She does too, so it's a win/win.

Here she is on our trip.

And here is yesterday after.

What do you think?

I've also just posted 2 other posts from the last of our trip. Don't forget to check those out. I am so glad to finally be home!

Our Weekend in Kansas

Happy Fourth of July!!! Here are pictures of our fun weekend in Kansas. Warning: There are a TON of pictures.

Chloe, Brooklyn and Carly sporting their 4th tees.

Here is Jack just having a great time.

Jack didn't go to the movie with us so I took out his car seat. Bye Jack!

All the kids wanted to ride in the van with me on the way to the movie. Here they are being silly.

Whenever we go to Kansas, I have to get a picture of Brooklyn and Owen. They have always looked so much alike.

The girls and I.

Getting ready to watch Kunfu Panda.

Here are the cousins eating dinner.

These are some dirty dirty girls. By the end of the day all the kids were SO SO dirty!

Grandpa had an old powder gun that everyone wanted to take a turn shooting. Here is Barbie taking her turn. Isn't that a neat picture?

They made me have a turn as well. I'll have you know that I hit my target dead on - Thank you very much!

Uncle Scott helping Carly "shoot" the gun.

Daddy and the girls

Chloe and Jack. Don't they just look happy? They were having a great time!

Grandpa giving the kids a ride.

Jack and Daddy. This was Jacks favorite spot to be. Isn't that so cute?!

Brooke, Owen and Jazzy. She is so stinken cute!

Chloe and Tyler. These two are like peas in a pod.

We had a little birthday celebration for Tyler when we were there. This is all of my FILs grandkids.

Jack and Carly sitting on Tylers dirt bike. Jack loved this thing. It was just about his size. I can see him asking for one in about a year or so. HAHA!