Tuesday, April 21

Love this article.

A friend of mine posted this on her Facebook and I liked it. I just wanted to share.
You'll want to click on the article and make it bigger to read.

Monday, April 20

Going Private Date

I will be making the blog private on Wednesday. Make sure you let me know if you want to still see my blog! Email to cbontrager@austin.rr.com


Friday, April 17

The Children's Museum

Today we went down to the Austin Children's Museum with Jack's playgroup. I almost didn't go because it was raining buckets here this morning, but I bucked up and went. We all got soaked getting into the place and I personally thought it was a bit pricey - but we ended up having ALOT of fun. So I guess it was worth it. I am sorry that there are so many picutres but I really couldn't decide which ones to post! So here ya go!

My little construction workers.

Playing with some tractors.

He doesn't look happy does he?

Janet showing Jack how to work the construction machinery.

Just a cute one of Brookie building blocks.

Brooklyn and Jack with a replica of the state capitol which Brooklyn called "the temple" haha!

Waiting for the train to come around.

Milking some cows.

Brooklyn pumping gas.

This was the spanish room. Every button was either in spanish or english and it just told about the spanish culture. It was really neat.

Here is Brooklyn flippin' some meat.

Playing at the food table that was complete with tortillas and tamales!

My little rock stars!

Brooklyn was able to do a craft there. She had a blast. Probably could have spent another hour there!

The finished product. She was so proud!

This was Jack's favorite thing to do there. You put a pig on a parashoot on a clip then you pull the rope up and it goes into the cone and the clip comes off and the pig floats down. He had a blast!

So fun!

Thursday, April 16

Going Private

Hello fellow readers,

After much diliberation I am going to go private. If you want to see my blog please send me your email to cbontrager@austin.rr.com and I will make sure you get your invite!!!



Wednesday, April 15

As you will have read - or have read from my previous post...we had (or at least I had) a rough Easter morning. I did manage to get some pictures of the girls done. Unfortunatly Jack was sleeping. Boy did he need it. We ended up late for church because of it too so I didn't end up getting any of him at all. But here are pictures of the girls. Im bias but I think they are the cutest kids in the world!!!

And here is Chloe. Her two front teeth are looking a big gangly since they both need to come out. So she has been a bit self consious about her smile. I couldn't get her to smile her normal smile :( Hopefully the next session will turn out better.

I'm hoping this next week to get out and do all their pictures together with semi-matching outfits AND include Jack this time. HA! Wish me luck!

Easter morning

Easter morning was a bit rough for me. I've had this weird little rash under my eye so the night before I tooks some allergie meds to see if that would work. Instead of taking benedryl like I thought I would, I took claritin instead. I'm sure it hyped me up. I didn't go to bed until 2:30 which is REALLY odd for me. The for the actual 2 or 3 hours I was in bed, it was one of those in and out sleeps. Nothing substantial. The kids were up at 5 for the Easter bunny. The Easter bunny had hidden the baskets so we made them wait until we got up. They finally got us out of bed an hour later. I barely made it to the couch to watch them to the easter thing then went back to bed. Normally there would be 3 dozen pictures of everything, but since Stuart was in charge of the camera that morning there were a total of 6 pictures. I'm only posting 5 because one of them included me in all my up all night glory. So here are those 5 pictures

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 2

Ear Piercing!

For part of Brooklyn's birthday gifts, she wanted to get her ears pierced. Chloe jumped on the band wagon and had to get hers done too. They were so scared but ended up being so brave!!! Brooklyn got little diamond stars and Chloe got rainbow flowers. I think they ended up looking great!!!!

Happy Birthday Brooklyn!

For Brooklyn's birthday we took her to Gattiland. It will be my one and only time going there! HAHA! I think I prefer Chuck E Cheese and that isn't saying much. The kids had a fabulous time though! (It is just not my cup of tea.)

The Birthday Girl!

Eating some dinner. Blech! (LOL!)

Playing some games.

Opening some presents.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart! I love you!

San Antonio

Monday we took my mom down to San Antonio to show her the Alamo. We had a fun time. We also rode the riverboat on the river walk. Here are a few pictures

Hello!!!!!!!!!! Jack kept screaming that into the cannon.

Don't I have the cutest kids ever?!?!

In the Alamo they had a mini amphlatheater. the kids had fun running around it.

Here is my mom and the kids on the boat ride.

Super fun day!