Monday, June 30

Monday Madness

Wow. What a day. We sure had fun though. Chloe and I had our Lagoon day. We were there for 8 1/2 hours. We pretty much rode ever single ride that she could except the two biggest rollercoasters. We had a BLAST! We met up with some friends and had a fantastic time. Here are pictures of our day.

Chloe showing her stamp. Ready for action

Riding the tram.

I'm not entirely sure what we are riding here....

Waiting to ride the Log Flume. We had ridden the Rattlesnake Rapids before and I got completely soaked. I had the camera put away, so there are no pictures of that.

Stopping for some dippin dots!

Chloe and her friend Tori. They had SO much fun together and always wanted to ride together without mommy (for the most part)

Lou, Tori and Chloe. We were riding the Tidal Wave. SO fun!

Chloe and Tori swinging.

Waiting to ride the Wild Mouse. That ride is nuts.

Chloe and Tori making a point that they ARE big enough to ride most of the rides. Chloe was just barely 46in. They made her check every single time. It was kinda annoying!

What idiot made them have to post this sign??

Chloe getting ready to ride the Spider. I can't believe she rode it!

Mommy and Chloe

Waiting to ride the bat. Patiently!

And the day comes to a close...

What a fantastic day! Chloe had a blast as well as I did. It was especially fun to play with friends!

Tomorrow is our last day here then Wednesday we make our trek to Kansas for the weekend. Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, June 29

Super Sunday

It was a pretty good Sunday. We started our day off by going to the Ward that we were in right before we moved to Texas. It was okay, other then the fact that my kids were complete monsters! The whole room was pretty quiet (there are alot of older folks) and then there were mine, making all the noises! Joy.
Afterwards we drove the Alpine Loop (up through American Fork and Provo canyons) with my mom and stopped at Cascades Springs to walk around a bit.
We got home late afternoon and had dinner with Uncle John and Aunt Mary and just hung out at thier house.

Here are the kids with Great Granny Miller (Stuarts Grandma)

Here we are at Cascade Springs
Chloe was a touch onry. can you tell?

Jack and Brooke in a tree.

Isn't it pretty?

Cute kids.

Chloe and Brooke playing the piano

Going for a tractor ride. Jack was in heaven!

Uncle John taking the kids on the 4 wheeler

The kids had fun this evening playing in the river in Marys backyard.

Todays been a pretty good day. Bed time though. We have a busy day. Brooke and Jack are spending the day with Grandma Perry and I'm taking Chloe to Lagoon. Look for really fun pictures tomorrow!

Saturday, June 28


Hey everyone. I took a whopping 8 pictures today. Go me huh? We really didn't do a whole lot. We decided not (well, I decided not) to take the kids to the parade. I wasn't up for keeping them contained and all that. So we decided to go see the movie Wall.e None of us really liked it. Chloe said she was bored and Brooke kept asking when it was going to be over. Just an FYI if you want to see it. Then they were just being onry, so we had a mandatory nap today. We all slept 2 hours!
This evening we met up with some of my family on my dads side for dinner at the park. Afterwards Grandma Perry watched the kids while Robin and I went out a bit. It was on OK day. We needed a downer day after all the fun we've been having!
So, here are a few pictures

The kids seeing the chickens at Aunt Marys house before we left.

Our adventure at the movie theater.

I'll take alot more pictures tomorrow :)

Friday, June 27

Freaking Long Friday

Today was a fun day, but a freaking long day. It seemed like it would never end. We had to check out of our hotel today. Were on to staying with Stuarts Aunt and Uncle. Should be fun here for the last leg of our trip. So we spent part of the morning packing up. Then went to the park, then the pool, then for lunch. WHEW! And that was all before 3! So, here is our day....

My nephew Ethan at the park.

My brother Scott pushing Jack and Ethan on the swings.

Jack going down the slide at the pool.

Jack and Ethan.

Brooke takes a turn.

Jack is mad because it's time to go.

A few of us at lunch.

A cute one of the three of them

The kids didn't get to bed until 9:30 tonight after no naps. We are pretty beat. We were supposed to go to the parade tomorrow, but I don't think we will. I need a chill day. We'll see what happens after a good nights rest.

Thursday, June 26

Thursday's Day

I hope your ready for pictures, because there are alot of them today! We had a really fun day (yup, every day has been pretty fun). We started our day going up Payson Canyon to the Payson Lakes with Aunt Robin and Sir William. Then had lunch at the best place in the world, Glades. Followed up with a short nap and then swimming in our hotel pool. The kids didnt get to sleep until 9:30 tonight. We're tired! Here is our day!

Payson Lake

Robin took this picture of me and the kids. I like it!

Brooke and Jack ready for our adventure. It was a bit chilly when we started so they wanted to wear their jackets.

On the dam there was a huge wheel for the irrigation. The kids had fun trying to turn it.

Miss Diva

All the way around Jack had to either stop and pick up rocks or sticks. It was hilarious.

The girls and their walking sticks.

On the way down the canyon there were just some cows by the side of the street

Here is a cute one of Mr. William

There is no place better then Glades in Spanish Fork, Utah. I am probably biased since I worked there in High School, but everyone whos eaten there will tell ya. mmmm. mmmmm. mmmmm.

Munching on some fries.

Chloe and her corndog

Swimming at our hotel pool. We check out tomorrow, so we had to get it in before we left. We've been so busy doing other things, we hadn't had a chance to go yet. So here are a few from pool time

Jack is getting pretty brave with his swimming!

Grandma took this one for me.