Monday, May 19


This past week or so I have watched quite a few movies. I liked them all! So, I thought that I'd give a quick line or 2 on each of them. I am by no means qualified enough to write a review on them. So, without further ado....

P.S. I Love You
I really loved this movie. I watched this one alone, curled up in my recliner with a hanky. Perfect. I could not have watched this movie with anyone. I started crying within 5 minutes of it starting and continued to cry through the entire movie. It was sweet, sappy, romantic, funny, heartbreaking all at the same time. I thought whoever wrote it did a fantastic job. Could I watch this movie again. No way. I already know what is going to happen next and I just couldn't sit down and cry over it again. I would really recommend it to anyone, just watch it alone. ha!

27 Dresses
Very Cute! Definatly a chick flick. I didn't watch this one with Stuart either. I am really not sure if he'd like it, but I think he could endure it. It had lots of just fun things in it. I can't see a female not liking this movie. I'm really not a fan of Katherine Hiegl, but she did a good job in this one. Would I watch it again? Definatly!

Over Her Dead Body
This movie was ok. This one I got Stuart to actually watch it with me. We both had some good laughs in it, but over all, I give it just an OK. I think it might be because i'm not a fan of Eva Longoria. I don't know. It was cute, charming at time, some good jokes, but very predictable. Would I watch it again? Probably not -unless it comes on cable when I can't sleep.

Mad Money
I would give this one another OK. Well, maybe a bit better then okay. But not fabulous. It was very hard to believe. It wasn't predictable really, but sometimes you just are thinking to yourself "yeah right". On the other hand, it was quite entertaining. It held my attention and I had a few laughs. Would I watch it again? Probably.

Last but not least. Iron Man.
This movie was AWESOME! I went into it really not wanting to see it. I like action movies, but they are not my favorite. Let me just tell you though - I am so glad that I saw it. Robert Downey Jr. did a fantastic job in this flick. He looked good, acted good. He just fit the part. There were some parts that were a tad cheesy, but nothing you couldn't over look. I wonder if there will be a sequel. Would I see it again? You betcha!

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The Five that Jive said...

Thanks for the reviews...I've been wanting to see P.S. I love I'll just have to kick everyone out and watch it:)
Lindsey J

Jill said...

I liked P.S. I love you but I totally agree that once seen its hard to go back and watch it again. Same with 27 Dresses...a little predictable. Actually I agree with all your ratings. We seem to have similar tastes in movies so I am glad to hear your reviews. I haven't seen Iron Man yet though my boys have seen it twice now. I guess I have to get myself there to see it. Keep up the movie watching. We have movie night every Tuesday and let the kids pick something out. (Us grown-ups get something too) If you have any good recomendations send them our way.