Friday, May 30

Chloe's Kindergarten Graduation

It really seems like just the other day that Chloe was heading off to her first day of Kindergarten. Now it's all but over. She had K Graduation yesterday. It was such a sweet thing to watch. She has had such a great year and had some really fun times. Her teacher was about the best teacher anyone could ask for, Chloe adored her. She has a week left of school and she is thrilled to be out and officially be a 1st grader. Here are some pictures of her day. (I also made a post about Brooke, so read that one after!)

Jack and his girlfriend Jazzy before the ceremony.

I can't believe how big he is getting! He's not a baby anymore!

Here she is on the "walk" in.

Getting her diploma!

The whole class

This is what Jack thought of the whole thing. He was SO bored. Typical boy!

Chloe performing some songs. They were SO cute!

Chloe on the walk out

Another cute one

The class afterwards posing for pictures

Chloe and Mrs. Howe

Chloe and Daddy

Chloe and Granny

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Bates Family said...

What afun day, she is getting so big. Congrats Chloe!!!!
P.S. is that your DIET COKE in the stroller in the last photo???? GIVE IT UP ALREADY!!! DRINK THE REAL STUFF YOU'LL FEEL MUCH BETTER!!!!! :)

Halli Matheny said...

It goes so fast once they get into school, huh?