Tuesday, October 26

Better Update

Okay okay, I'll give a SEMI-better update....

Start with the kids? Okay. I'll do that.

Chloe - she is now in 3rd grade and she loves it. I'm not sure that I do! Homework comes home (math) and sometimes I have NO clue how to even help her. She is growing up way to fast. She was having trouble seeing and we figured out that she was having trouble reading so she got reading glasses.

She is taking piano lessons and is already doing so great! I think we'll have a new Mozart before long. LOL!

Brooklyn - she is in 1st grade and is getting SO smart! She loves her teacher and hot lunch tuesdays! She's lost her two front teeth and they are taking forever to grow back in. She is also back in dance taking Jazz & Ballet. I know all moms think that their kid is great at whatever they do (even if they arn't - haha!) BUT - Brooklyn is a great dancer! Here is a picture from her recital last year. She was super excited that she got to wear full face makeup ;)

Jack - What can we say about Jack. He's 4 now and is just as out of control as he has ever been. He definatly keeps me going. This is his last year before he starts Kindergarten and I'm not really sure how I feel about that. He's really into BMX biking and wants to ride all.the.time. He's also pretty darn good at memory too:

As for Stuart and I - same ole' same ole' We just celebrated our 10th anniversary. Business is going good and we have 3 healthy kids. What more could you want?

I guess I will try and do more updates on my blog.....we'll see how it goes. *wink wink*

Monday, October 25

Should I blog again???

I haven't blogged in SUCH a long time. Should I get back on board or just forget it?