Wednesday, March 12


I think i'm a little to partial to this boy. He is so cute I can't even get over it. Today we spent some time at the park because it was such a beautiful day outside. He looked like such a little man. My friend Jeni thought he looked like "a punk" HAHA! I can see it!
Here are a few pictures of him from today:

Were getting ready to head out to the park.

While we were there, the only thing he wanted to do was ride scooters with Jaydon. He was pretty good on it too!

Couldn't they pass as brothers?

4 intellectual comments made by others:

Lyndsee Bates said...

I have to agree with Jeni, he does look like a punk :) her is too cute!! Good thing he'll have a lot of girls to choose from when they get older!!!!

Heather Guymon said...

Jack is a freaking cutie! I would be partial to him myself if he were mine! LOL

jeni said...

even though he looks like a punk he is still stinkin cute! he is the brother jaydon wishes he had. haha

Monson Family said...

Ha Ha! I think it's the long plaid shorts (which are too cute). He is so cute! Wasn't it a beautiful day!?! Glad you guys had fun!