Monday, March 31

Happy Birthday Brooklyn!

Happy Birthday Brooke! I can not believe that she is 4 now. That means, in 6 weeks, we'll have been living here in Texas for 4 years. We moved out here right after she was born. How time flies!
She has 2 partys this week. One on Saturday night for family, and the Davis' came, but they are like family anyways. ha! Then today, for her actual birthday, I took her and her BFF, Janae, to Build-a-Bear and Red Robin for lunch. It was alot of fun.
Here are some pictures:

She wanted a rainbow cake. I am not much of a cake maker, but I do what I can.

Jack pushing Jazzy around in the wheel barrow.

Opening Gifts

We were almost done singing to Brooke when Jack blew out the candles for Brooke! We had to go relight them and keep Jack out of the way. It was so funny!

Here are the girls getting ready to go into Build-a-Bear. After we picked out their bears, Janae just shut down. We figured out a bit later that she had a major drop in her blood sugar. She was shaking and everything! So the last bit of building wasn't so fun. They made some cute bears, i'll take pictures of them later. But once we got food in her she perked right up! We had so much fun.

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The Five that Jive said...

Very cute!! Happy Birthday Brooklyn...the last time I saw her she was a tiny little baby...she's sure grown up!!
Lindsey J

jeni said...

Thanks for taking Janae today. She really had a ton of fun and keeps talking about it. Sorry about her "grumpiness" next time i'll pack snakcks. That was weird.

Lyndsee Bates said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROOKLYN!!! Looks like you guys had a fun time!!! The cake looks beautiful Colleen!!!