Saturday, March 28

Brooklyn's Birthday Party

We celebrated Brooklyn's birthday today with her friends. Technically her birthday isn't until Tuesday but Saturdays make for easier parties. We had a FABULOUS time. Usually birthdays stress me out but for some reason this one did not. Brooklyn was so excited. I just uploaded a TON of pictures so bare with this post - there are alot of pictures. Her party was a butterfly theme.

Here are the cakes that I made. The first one I decorated wasn't all that great, but I really liked the way the second one turned out. Here are the 2 of them.

This is the one I liked

I hired Kiwi the Clown to come and do face painting and balloon animals. She was GREAT! Here is Brooklyn getting her face painted.

Doesn't she look awesome?!



Brooklyn and Janae


Brooklyn again.


Kiwi in action.



Marlee (for some reason this one is out of focus!) She really didn't want her face done, so she just had it done on her arm.


Chloe getting hers painted

Finished product. She is so cute!

Singing Happy Birthday.

Blowing out the candles.

Jack even got a spider man! He was heart broken when we had to wash it off tonight before bed.

Cake and ice cream. It's times like this I wish I had a bigger table!

The group shot. Arn't they a great looking bunch?

Brooklyn opening her gifts.

We're not realy sure what we are doing for her birthday on Tuesday but tune and and find out later!

Thursday, March 26

What a "hail" of a storm!

Last night the weirdest storm came through. It lasted for about 15 minutes total, but I can't believe the amount of damage that it did! Here are a ton of pictures to show you what happened.

here is when it started. It is pretty big but not as big as they got!

Look how huge this is! We didn't get anything bigger then the size of a golf ball. Apparently some areas got a big as a baseball!

Not sure why this picture is tilted but I'm not fixing it. HA!

all the hail coming out of the gutter

We had just cleaned up all the leaves from the front yard....

here is another piece of hail

The rainbow after the storm

Now we get to do all the clean up. We're going to call our home insurance and have them come look at our roof too.

Oh yeah, look at the next post too. House painting pictures!

Painting of the house

This past weekend we started the HUGE process of painting our house. Right now we pretty much have the first coat done. We were going to be finishing it throughout this week, but then we got hit by a nasty hail it might be another week or 2 until we get it done. We're going to have to clean up our yard then probably have to power wash the whole house again...let it dry....then paint. It is FRUSTERATING! But here are some pictures of us in the process.

Tuesday, March 24

Jack - so you think you can dance season 32

Okay. This is one funny video. Then again I may be just a little bit bias. I think Jack has got some spectacular moves. I figure if he's got them at age 3 then by the time season (insert here) of So You Think You Can Dance? he will be ready for the show! It is a fairly long video, but worth it! Remember to scroll down to the bottom and turn off my music player before you watch!

Thursday, March 19

Curtains and Wall Words

I have finally put up my wall words! I've had them for so long but have been waiting to put them up until we painted our living room and hall way. I had to wait about 2 weeks after to let the paint set. I got them up and I love them!

Here is the hallway wall (I do need to update the pictures of the kids, but that is another project for another day!)

These two pictures show our new curtains and my other wall word.

I think they ended up looking great!!

Keep looking at my blog. I added 2 other posts under this one :)

Waco Zoo

On Monday we decided to take the kids up to the Waco Zoo for our Spring Break activity. The whole trip was fun except for the 2 hours in traffic due to a wreck! The kids still had a GREAT time. Here are some pictures from our day :)