Monday, March 31

Happy Birthday Brooklyn!

Happy Birthday Brooke! I can not believe that she is 4 now. That means, in 6 weeks, we'll have been living here in Texas for 4 years. We moved out here right after she was born. How time flies!
She has 2 partys this week. One on Saturday night for family, and the Davis' came, but they are like family anyways. ha! Then today, for her actual birthday, I took her and her BFF, Janae, to Build-a-Bear and Red Robin for lunch. It was alot of fun.
Here are some pictures:

She wanted a rainbow cake. I am not much of a cake maker, but I do what I can.

Jack pushing Jazzy around in the wheel barrow.

Opening Gifts

We were almost done singing to Brooke when Jack blew out the candles for Brooke! We had to go relight them and keep Jack out of the way. It was so funny!

Here are the girls getting ready to go into Build-a-Bear. After we picked out their bears, Janae just shut down. We figured out a bit later that she had a major drop in her blood sugar. She was shaking and everything! So the last bit of building wasn't so fun. They made some cute bears, i'll take pictures of them later. But once we got food in her she perked right up! We had so much fun.

Sunday, March 30

Brooke and Janae

I stole this picture from Jeni's blog.

Brooke and Janae went to a birthday party over the weekend and this is what they looked like when they got home. (Thanks again Jeni for taking her for me!)

Tomorrow is Brooke's birthday, so I'll be taking the two of them out to lunch and Build-a-Bear instead of having a party. We had a family party Saturday night. I'll post those pictures probably tomorrow. But doesn't she look so CUTE!

Thursday, March 27

Easter Pictures

We had a great time in Kansas. I took far far too many pictures. It was too hard deciding which ones to pick, so you get ALOT to look at!

Here are all the cousins having lunch

A funny look Jack gave me

One of Stuarts brothers and his family couldn't be with us on Sunday, so we had a small egg hunt on Saturday.

3 Generations of craziness...

We decided to take the kids bowling. We had such a great time.

Chloe and Grandpa

Sidekicks Tyler and Chloe

These two were funny. They kept laying down on the floor.

How cute are these?

We had a small birthday party for Brooke and Carly who share a birthday next week.

Checking to see what the Easter Bunny brought

I took these before church. They wouldnt' put down their cups to get a decent picture. We left for church and it was a balmy 28 degrees outside! We'll be doing pictures at a later date. ha!

Easter egg hunt! Ready. Set. Go!!!

Whose cute kids are these? Oh yeah! MINE!

See, they can be nice to each other!

GRRR! This picture didn't get turned...but this post has taken me long enough, I'm not changint it!

This is thier cousin Carly. I was taking pictures and she HAD to get hers done too. SO cute!

Tuesday, March 25

Whos kid is this?

I gave Jack a hair cut. I can't hardly recognize him!

Monday, March 24

Chloe's Big News

Chloe managed to lose not one tooth, but 2 teeth over the Easter weekend!!! I don't think i'll get used to her with missing teeth! She is VERY excited.

Saturday, March 22

Easter in Kansas

I just wanted to let you 3 people who actually read my blog on a daily basis that I am not missing. I am in Kansas for the Easter weekend. I do have LOTS and LOTS of pictures I'll be sharing and some huge news about Chloe to share!
So, keep on missing me and I'll write Tuesday!

Wednesday, March 19

Hi, My name is Colleen

and my son is an alcoholic.

Whew! That felt good to get out. I have no clue what his obsession with drinking alcoholic beverages is, but he sure likes them. First it was Windex. That first time was SCARY. I have 2 older children who never got into anything like that. So, the first time Jack did it with the Windex I freaked. Called poison control, ect. He was fine. Second time he was sucking on a bottle of room spray. I didn't panic that time, but did exactly what they had me to the previous time. There was a third time, but I can't recall what it was, but it wasn't as bad as the first two I remember, or maybe I was just getting used to the fact that my son just likes to drink wierd stuff.

Now, just so you all know, I DO keep my cleaners under the sink with those safty things on them. I'm really not negligent, I promise! He just manages to get them every.single.time. I accidently leave them out. Come on! What mom hasn't just put the windex on the counter after she's used it. Yeah, justification. I know.

So lets fast forward to today. Brooklyn had a fever yesterday and still isn't feeling great today, so she's been laying on the couch watching cartoons while I've been picking up the house and hanging out with Jack. He and I were in Brooke's room cleaning. He left to go do who knows what. I keep my house pretty kid safe. I keep my bedroom door shut and the bathroom door shut and he can pretty much have the run of the house, I'm never worried about him. 3 or so minutes go by and I go to throw some stuff in the trash. I see him across the room with something in his mouth. I said "Jack, what are you eating?", proceeded to go throw my stuff away then walked over to him. I held out my hand for him to spit it out. He hand me....wait for it.....A PERFUME BOTTLE!!!! It was one of those sample size bottles that you can get on the corner racks at walmart that have about, oh, I'd say less the half an ounce, you know the ones I'm talking about. I remember that it had been about half full last time I used it. Now, it's empty and Jack is reeking of perfume. UGH! Nice.

So, frantic mommy hits. I race to the kitchen and pour him a cup of juice in the biggest sippy cup I could find, planted him on the floor and told him to drink. He drank it all. I'm thinking he'll be fine. I remember what the poison control lady told me last time, he'll either just be fine, or he'll puke it up. No problem. I'll just wait for a reaction. The last think I wanted to do was call poison control. They probably have my last incident in their system and think that I am doing it on purpose. I probably have a flag on my phone number. ha. Just kidding. Kinda.

15 minutes later he crawls up in the recliner and watches TV with Brooklyn and I swear to you his eyes started to glaze over...his pupils started to dilate. Alot.

I decided that it might just need to call poison control just to be safe. I love the ladies that answer the phones there. They are always so calming and knowledgeable and they never make me feel like i've done something bad. Super! They basically tell me that he is probably going to feel just a bit tipsy. Great. They said in addition to the liquid, to feed him some complex carbs throughout the day to help stabalize his blood sugar levels and just watch him, he should be just fine. They even called me an hour later to see how he was doing.

So far he is fine. He has had 2 incredibly, overly, nasty diapers though. If you knew how much I hated changing poop, yeah, it was BAD. I'm sure it was from all the juice I pumped through him, but blueck!

Jack is napping now. I wonder if he will wake up with a hangover...

Monday, March 17

Rock Band Party

Yup, sounds completely lame right? WRONG! We had the best time. We invited a bunch of friends over and just jammed and ignored our kids all night. It was the BEST! We had 5 couples and 13 kids!! It was complete caos, but worth it!

I have alot of pictures to share and they were taking FOREVER to upload and resize, so I quit. Some will be sized, some wont. Oh well, they are just going to have to do.

The kids playing before dinner:

Jack hiding from everyone:

Eating dinner:

Jaydon wanted to be in watching Rock Band SOO badly. He sat outside the door and watched through the window while he ate. What a goof ball.

Playing Rock Band:

Let me just tell you about little Caleb Corbett. That kid is a RIOT. He would get out there and sing and dance with everyone. SO SO funny. At one point in the night he came out into the living room after he put on an outfit of Jacks that was a size 12months. SO funny.
Here he is in that outfit:

All the kids getting ready to watch a movie:

Here are the girls having a great time:

It was a super fun night. I hope everyone had as good of a time as we did. I'm for sure going to have to do it again soon. Thanks everyone for coming!